NETWARCOMNaval Network Warfare Command (US Navy)
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NETWARCOM maintains a 24/7 battle watch to support operations by working with Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Services (HPES) and customers to identify and remediate network issues as they occur.
Costello: I think a key point is that NETWARCOM is responsible for the availability of the Navy's networks, and that NCDOC is responsible for their defense.
Starling is confident that CYBERFOR and NETWARCOM will take the steps needed for the Navy to succeed in battle and in cyber space.
Topics will include the vision and mission for NETWARCOM, the state of the networks, network security, innovation and experimentation, and information operations.
NETWARCOM includes three shore activities under its authority--the Naval Network and Space Operations Command at Dahlgren, Va.
Other existing Navy activities are taking on additional roles in support of NETWARCOM.
NETWARCOM, in partnership with the Navy Warfare Development Command, will facilitate Sea Trial on behalf of the Commander, Fleet Forces Command.
When he made that decision it really moved the operational center of gravity from NETWARCOM to FLTCYBERCOM.
Once a solution is identified and sufficient progress made toward implementation, CARS and the NETWARCOM director of operations may allow re-connection of a legacy network.
But as the commander at NETWARCOM, I do not have the ability in real time to look into the NMCI network to evaluate its health and whether or not somebody is attacking the network.
Directed by NETWARCOM, and 2nd Fleet, the TW 09 fleet sponsor, TW typically focuses on the at-sea technical experimentation of critical maritime technologies.