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Furthermore, the X-Ware IoT Platform already boasts an industry-leading suite of security products, including ThreadX modules and ARMv8-M support, NetX Secure IPsec, TLS/DTLS, and EAL 4+ Common Criteria certification.
In addition to the ThreadX RTOS and NetX Duo, the X-Ware IoT Platform includes the safety- certified FileX embedded FAT-32/exFAT file system, the GUIX GUI development and embedded runtime framework, and the USBX embedded host/device USB stack.
Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Express Logic, Inc., offers advanced run-time solutions for deeply embedded applications, including the popular ThreadX RTOS, the high- performance NetX and NetX Duo embedded TCP/IP stacks, the FileX embedded FAT-compatible file system, the USBX Host/Device embedded USB protocol stack, and the GUIX embedded graphical user interface development toolkit.
SSP v1.3.0 integrates NetX Secure to safeguard connected IoT device communications over public networks and the Internet.
NetDialog has launched the latest version of its Networked Application Visibility Software-as-a-Service, NetX 4.3.
has launched X-Ware Platform, target- specific, integrated development software that delivers all X-Ware components (ThreadX, NetX, USBX, FileX, GUIX, and TraceX) pre-ported and fully integrated for use on specific development boards.
* Stefan Korte, the sales and marketing director of Hilscher, describing their "netX" solution for implementing a wide range of networks, including CC-Link.
Like ThreadX, Express Logic's NetX and NetX Duo TCP/IP stacks are fine-tuned to deliver the highest performance possible.
(NASDAQ: ALVR) said that NetX Internet, the primary communication and Internet access company for Marvel's "The Avengers," selected Alvarion to help deliver secure and seamless wireless broadband connectivity for film production.
--Data Protection & Backup Solutions: Simplify backup and provide complete data protection for your customers using Toshiba's Magnia Z310 pre-loaded with data recovery solutions from Unitrends and NetX.
Network Express[TM] (NetX) is a transaction processing solution and a communications platform that enables message exchange among disparate applications on various plaforms, it acts as a third-party intermediary to facilitate interactions among application systems, providing an end-to-end, scalable development environment for e-commerce gateways.
Confirm SLA agreements and acquire an enterprisewide view of network performance for network monitoring and management with the NetX Suite AMR Module.
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