NEUANational Elite Underground Alliance
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They established their capital at Sam Neua. The area controlled by RLG was in the west.
Patricia Cheesman, Lao-Tai textiles: The textiles of Xam Neua and Muang Phuan (Chiang Mai: Studio Naenna, 2004), pp.
Accordingly, Vietnam was divided into two zones and Viet Minh-backed procommunist Laotian Pathet Lao insurgents were allowed to temporarily regroup in Phong Saly and Sam Neua (also known as Houaphanh) Provinces which, like Xieng Khouang, were contiguous to Viet Minh territory (Brocheux and Hemery 2011: 370).
For mains we shared Gaeng Mussaman Neua (pounds 8.95), a beef peanut curry, Kae Pud Prik Tai Dum (pounds 8.95), a lamb stir-fry, Hed Pud Med Ma-Maung (pounds 6.95), a vegetarian stir-fry, and Gung Choo Chee (pounds 11.95), king prawns in a coconut sauce and lime leaves and chilli.
Chinese and Vietnamese stalls at the market in Sam Neua recall colonial times when there used to be a "quartier sino-annamite" (Foropon 1927, p.
Two elephants, named Neua Un and JoJo, even figured out how to outwit the researchers.
Menu includes Tom Kah Gai (spicy chicken coconut and galangal soup); Pad Thai; Yum Neua (spicy beef salad); and Manoang Khao Nico (sweet sticky rice with fresh mangoes).
We also recognize this ethnonym in the Lao [p.sup.h][[c:[eta]].sup.C2], used to name the Kenieng/ Keneng (Khmuic) inhabiting Sam Neua province.
On the front cover of the book is a symbol beneath the words "USA." The photo used as cover art is actually a picture of 12-foot letters that were spotted in Sam Neua Province, Laos, in 1988 by a U.S.
Ys gwn i a oes posib cael copi, neua woyr rhywun lle fuasai posib cael un, efallai mew siop ail-law?