NEUROD1Neurogenic Differentiation 1
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Progression of neurogenesis in the inner ear requires inhibition of Sox2 transcription by neurogenin1 and neurod1. J Neurosci 2013;33:3879-90.
The NeuroD1 gene is located on chromosome 2q31.3, and the NeuroD6 gene is located on chromosome 7p14.3.
Effects of MEKT1 on mRNA Expression of Nur77, Nurr1, NeuroD1, Tpit, Pitx, NFkB1, and NFkB2.
On the other hand expression of insulin, RFX6, and Neurod1 was higher among BM-MSCs (Figure 5).
Further, the DEG interaction network and the TF-DEG network analyses indicated that NEUROD1 might be a marker gene in the ONH of patients with POAG.
But the signal pathway may be different in different organs, as mentioned above, the targets of Ngn3 in pancreas, such as Neurod1, Isl1, Pax4, Pax6, were not expressed in testis; and it has been report that GDNF enhances Ngn3 gene expression and beta-cell proliferation in the developing mouse pancreas (Mwangi et al., 2010), while GDNF inhibits Ngn3 in testis(Kaucher et al., 2012).
The NeuroD family of bHLH transcription factors, composed of three major members, such as NeuroD1 (BETA2), NeuroD2 (NDRF), and NeuroD6 (NEX1, MATH2, and ATOH2), acts as a differentiation factor for neural precursor cells in the developing central nervous system (CNS) [23].
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Expression patterns of key transcription factors, such as PAX6, MASH1, NGN2, NeuroD1, TBR2, and TBR1, were changed during neurogenic transdifferentiation of hADSCs [60].
Representative confocal images show the retraction of existing sheaths during 15 h time-lapse imaging in sibling control (left) and Tg(neurod1:TeNT-EGFP) larvae (right).
Following this, a next-generation sequencing assay was performed to analyze the coding regions and conserved splice sites of the 22 neonatal diabetes genes: KCNJ11, ABCC8, INS, EIF2AK3, FOXP3, GATA4, GATA6, GCK, GLIS3, HNF1B, IER3IP1, PDX1, PTF1A, NEUROD1, NEUROG3, NKX2-2, RFX6, SLC2A2, SLC19A2, STAT3, WFS1, and ZFP57 (Agilent custom capture v5.1/Illumina HiSeq) at the Molecular Genetics Laboratory, University of Exeter Medical School, UK (9).
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