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NEUTRANeutron Transmission Radiography
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The stark white house with crisp lines, first occupied by a schoolteacher and an artist, joined a body of work that some have mentioned in the same breath as Frank Lloyd Wright -- whom Neutra briefly worked under and admired so much that he named a son after the renowned architect.
The Neutra Institue Museum Gallery is housed in the iconic Neutra Office Building, owned and designed by Modernist architect Richard Neutra in 1950.
En cuanto al componente cognitivo, el promedio fue 3,10; la moda 2,89 y la mediana 3,11, ubicados en la categoria neutra.
En este paso se anade agua, la cual debe ser controlada para no afectar la humedad de la pasta neutra [3].
Neutra formed the joint venture with Vertigo in 2013 to boost the development of a solution for indoor horticultural growers and help the market by assisting with the much needed equipment to grow healthy plants, the company explained.
Architects and designers such as Neutra, Rudolph Schindler and Paul Frankl came from the sophisticated city of Vienna and settled in Los Angeles, where forward-looking Jewish film moguls would commission modem houses.
Neutra Elementary students play an interactive, virtual skiing game through an Xbox during a physical education class.
Duas diferentes versoes da narrativa, variando em relacao ao alerta, compoem o Procedimento de Apresentacao de Slides (uma estimulante e outra neutra), enquanto as imagens sao as mesmas para ambas as versoes.
Natural wellness solution company Neutra Corp (OTC Markets:NTRR) reported on Thursday the launch of a joint venture to bring a revolutionary new health supplement to the nutraceuticals industry.