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NEVNevada (old style US postal abbreviation)
NEVNeighborhood Electric Vehicle
NEVNetwork Equipment Vendor
NEVNetwork Event Viewer
NEVNew England Village (est. 1972; Pembroke, MA)
NEVNorth East Valley (New Zealand)
NEVNevis, Leeward Islands, Saint Kitts And Nevis (Airport Code)
NEVNetwork Enhancement Vehicle
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However, local protectionism has marred the healthy competition from non-local NEV taxi manufacturers.
NEV 018 returned intermittent gold grades up to 16m at 1.
Whilst these are not present in NEV 019, gold grades below the main mineralised section (from 181m to 396m) are higher than those in the base of NEV 018, ranging mostly from 0.
30) Pamela Joy Graber, Being Chief Becomes this Woman, NEV.
The newspaper noted that Ellenville officials expect the new NEV, which was purchased under state contract, to be delivered by a local dealer next month.
According to UW Motor Pool manager David Carr, the university also test-drove a Global Electric Motorcars NEV for campus use, but prefers the Bombardier NEV's performance on inclines and in inclement weather.
And he claims when he tested the other Nevs on the shelf, they all lived up to the name of the character's spin-off show, Bear Behaving Badly.