NEVSNewcomerstown Exempted Village Schools (Newcomerstown, OH)
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A spokesman said NEVS is talking with potential investors but declined to name them.
NEVS said Labo Test, one of Saab's suppliers, had petitioned a Swedish court to declare the automaker bankrupt over unpaid bills of 150,000 kronor (16,372 euros).
While that purchase included all the assets of Saab Automobile AB, it is not clear whether NEVS will gain use of the Saab logo and name which were shared by the car company with defense aviation company Saab AB (PINK: SAABF).
However, NEVS seems to be heavily focused on building electric cars for the Chinese market, and they may ultimately be sold there under another brand name.
NEVS is taking aim squarely at the burgeoning Chinese middle class and China's current dependence on foreign oil.
and Saab is clarifying as NEVS releases more details about what it actually is and its plans for the car company.
The company which produces cars is called National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB, NEVS .