NEWACNATO Electronic Warfare Advisory Committee
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JED: What involvement did NEWAC have in the Gulf War?
However, NEWAC and the EW Division were instrumental in providing some of our Multi-Service EW Support Group (MEWSG) Transportable Radar and Communications Simulator Vans (TRACSVANS) assets to NATO member nations to support their training exercises in preparation for Desert Storm, and they were very effective.
JED: How is NEWAC organized and how do you obtain your emitter data base?
Col Smith: As chairman of NEWAC, I report directly to the chairman of the NATO Military Committee, and as branch chief of the EW Division, I also report to the military director, International Military Staff.
In viewing NEWAC's activities, you must keep in mind that SIGINT, SEAD and counter-|C.sup.3~ are considered to be part of member nations' national efforts and do not come within our charter.