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NEWBNational Education Welfare Board (est. 2002; Ireland)
NEWBNew Employee Welcoming Board (US NASA)
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They're the newbs. For them, breaking into a new and seemingly complicated sport--with such a wide range of choices-can be downright stressful.
The year that Khan returned to the school, senior girls were permitted to organize "newb nights" in their dorms without the supervision of faculty.
Weber flower Miocene Punica planchoni Saporta & Marion leaf, buds Pliocene Quereuxia (Extinct), see also Trapa Quereuria angulata (Newb.) Krysht.
Hardwoods include Pacific madrone (Arbutus menziesii Pursh), California black oak (Quercus kelloggii Newb.), and Oregon white oak (Quercus garryana Dougl.
CHAMPIONSHIPS - 103 - Marty Eng, Newb, p Andy McCormick, CG 1:04.
Burb erry is most popular for newb orns, says Sarah Morrissey, manager of Wade Smith,although Baby Dior and Armani arriving in the autumn are tipped as big sellers.
Squad: Wood (Cov), Littlehales (Nun), Piotrowski (Newb), Peacock (Nun), Tonks (Nun), Maisey (Cov), Tunnicliff (B Butts), Marshall (Nun), M Brown (Newb), Ham (Cov), Talbot (B Butts), A Brown (B Butts), Whitmarsh (Keres), Sanderson (B Butts), Tyers (Rug), Smyth (Broadst), Lowe (New), Calender (O Leams), Atkins (Keres), Bennett (Newb), Campton (Leic), Smith (Leam), Hamilton (Leic), White (Cov), McGuire (B Butts), Costelloe (B Butts), Newton (B Butts), Gulliver (Saracens), McKnight (B Butts).
g I'I i i I'm writiting i l i en p g g n up for ad ption as a newb rn I m mt h i response to the girl given adoption newborn because of potential p bl a d con ide i mee i h problems and considering meeting heher er b cause f p tenti l health g g p This girl should get on bi h t Thi i l h ld n birth parents.