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She had a most harmless delight in being fine; and our heroine's entree into life could not take place till after three or four days had been spent in learning what was mostly worn, and her chaperone was provided with a dress of the newest fashion.
They selected all the newest and cleanest bills and assorted them into various piles.
But to old earth's choicest kin there come straight, sweet messages from his newest bride, telling them they shall be no stepchildren unless they choose to be.
Sabin drove to one of the largest and newest of the modern hotels de luxe.
She was his--the latest model, self-starting, with limousine body and all the newest. No, no, his mind was wandering.
On the morrow, rumours of this new act of daring on the road yielded matter for a few hours' conversation through the town, and a Public Progress of some fine gentleman (half-drunk) to Tyburn, dressed in the newest fashion, and damning the ordinary with unspeakable gallantry and grace, furnished to the populace, at once a pleasant excitement and a wholesome and profound example.
Yes, Kit told this gentleman to look sharp, and he not only said he would look sharp, but he actually did, and presently came running back with the newest loaves, and the freshest butter, and the largest oysters, ever seen.
As it was, he could be compared with nothing known to men, save that newest discovery of the savants, a substance which emits energy for an unlimited time, without being itself in the least diminished in power.
My passion takes away my appetite, and makes me wear my newest silk neckerchief continually.
Chan first teased about the brand's newest face in a short clip he posted on Instagram last week.
UAE-based LuLu Group has launched its newest hypermarket in Saudi Arabia's Al-Kharj city.