NEWIGNetwork of Women in Growth (Ghana)
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Ainda, encontramos pesquisas que as comprovaram empiricamente (Newig, 2004; Thogersen, 2006) e ate mesmo uma tentativa de ampliacao das ideias originais, apos suposta validacao empirica (McComas & Shanahan, 1999).
Newig (2004), ao tratar sobre a atencao publica e acao politica, recupera com otimismo o 'ciclo'.
In addition to being reflected in academic literature (Newig and Fritsch 2009), this multilevel approach has been articulated in practical terms as the 'local implementing agency' (LIA) model for GSA formation (Ceppos 2016).
Lenschow, Andrea, Jens Newig, and Edward Challies (2016), "Globalization's Limits to the Environmental State?
(5) Jens Newig, "Public Attention, Political Action: The Example of Environmental Regulation," Rationality and Society 16:2 (2004).
Newig (2007) notes that symbolic action also results from societal self-deception, which occurs when citizens demand for environmental legislation but are unwilling to pay for substantive action.
Die Governance-Probleme moderner, in mehreren Ebenen organisierter Demokratien (vergleiche etwa Newig und Fritsch 2009) konnen in Kanada nicht durch die Beteiligung der Offentlichkeit gelost werden.
According to Jens Newig (2007), symbolic governmental acts have low-impact effectiveness, but high politico-strategic effectiveness.
Copinc with ambivalence, uncertainty and distributed power, edited by Jens Newig, Jan-Peter Voss and Jochen Monstadt.
Kontextspezifische Einzelfallanalysen scheinen aber auch uber die IWRM-Fordermassnahme hinaus weit verbreitet, wie unter anderem Newig und Fritsch (2009) sowie Pahl-Wostl et al.
Jens Newig (2004) differentiates public attention, which may change rapidly, from public opinion, which evolves slowly.