NEWSPADNewspaper Pilot Applications and Distribution
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Built with advanced Internet technology on the cloud, NewsPad is a mobile-first technology that is scalable, allowing for mass customisation of news and super-fast search for large content hubs.
Like the printed edition on Sunday mornings, subscribers cuddle up to their newspad, snuggled in their favorite overstuffed chair, sipping coffee, playing interactive crossword puzzles, viewing movie trailers and yes, reading their newspaper, cover to cover--faithfully delivered to their newspads at the same time, every day.
Also key to the newspad's success is ad-serving software, enabling publishers to deliver more ads from multiple advertisers, while prioritizing ads from high-value ad campaigns, Frequency control, geographic locations, key words and user data will allow newspapers to deliver local news about Chicago to Chicagoan expatriates living m Beijing, but with advertisements hyperlocal to Beiling Sales and circulation are both winners--circulation can expand worldwide and distribute local news to "non-local" subscribers--and sales opens new markets in cities and countries across the globe.
If Steve Jobs ran the Chicago Tribune instead of Apple Inc., Chicago would be leading the country in newspad sales and newspaper app subscriptions.
Like a 21st century Nostradamus, Jobs predicts newspads and apps are going to put newspapers back on top.
Jobs knows newspads are already replacing textbooks in many school districts across the country, quickly becoming Generation Z's learning device.
Jobs placed marketing on the top of his priority list, emphasizing two major advertising arteries--branding the newspaper and fiercely promoting newspads. After all, the more newspads being used, the more apps sold.