NEWSTARTNutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Air, Rest, & Trust (in God)
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To have a NEWSTART program in Bangkok meant pulling together a team and planning a structured program.
Returning from a session in the States, Krit Asakul, the owner of Thailand's largest insurance company, insisted, "You must have a NEWSTART program here in Thailand.
Volunteers from St Richard's Hospice and the Duckworth Trust supported the Worcester event and Newstarts furniture project helped out in Bromsgrove.
NewStarts is a Bromsgrove based furniture re-use charity that aims to help meet the needs of people on low incomes at the point when they are moving into social housing following a period of homelessness, or other personal or financial crisis, by providing furniture and household goods donated by private individuals and commercial organisations.
NewStarts plans to use 1 Sherwood Road to store furniture and household goods, which it collects free from across Worcestershire before they are distributed to people moving into a new home.