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NEWTNew Extended Technology
NEWTNews Terminal
NEWTNetwork for Emerging Wireless Technologies
NEWTnot Erik'S Windowing Toolkit
NEWTNewtonian Telescope
NEWTNastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests (Harry Potter)
NEWTNew World Training (BRFSStrategic)
NEWTNaval Expeditionary Warfare Training
NEWTNew Transport Algorithm
NEWTNavigation for Employee Web Transactions (University of Illinois Human Resources)
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VEGGIE Katharine Wood certainly tasted the difference when she tucked into her Sainsbury's salad and found a live newt.
Sex- specific effect of pool desiccation on movement of Alpine newt among breeding sites.
Newt has begun burnishing his image for his run at becoming America's capo di tutti capi.
A business based in Ukraine reportedly is the main marketer for the newt and it operates primarily over the Internet.
"So, if you look after the great crested newt and its habitat, you also look after a good deal else in the process."
Newt's fans won't be disappointed by the second book in the series.
When the newt becomes agitated or perceives a threat, it swings its ribs forward, increasing their angle to the spine by up to 50 degrees.
Natural England said work on the Travelodge at Lowestoft, Suffolk, should stop to prevent the great crested newts being harmed.
Anyone who harms a newt's habitat can end up with a pounds 5000 fine per newt or six months in prison.
Brockes of University College London and his colleagues found that a protein called newt anterior gradient (nAG) is essential to the regeneration process.
Once work is over, the newts will be returned to the pond next to The Old Beams in Shenley Lodge, Milton Keynes, Bucks.