NEWWNetwork of East-West Women
NEWWNorth East Wales Wildlife (Holywell, Flintshire, Wales, UK)
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In the end, Astrid Kulsdom and Janouk de Groot gave a presentation about the new layout and conditions for working on NEWW Database, in order participants to compare women writers in Europe and around the world.
ke NEWW nt when as part of ic sector The vital skills and experience bring to the workplace will be im politically, socially and economi part of the Government's Big Socie she said.
As mentioned above, NEWW Poland recently became the International Secretariat of the Network of East-West Women (NEWW).
Our Achievements: Project results, main conferences organized by NEWW, publications.
Let Jelica Todosijevic, NEWW e-mail trainer and lesbian activist from Belgrade, describe her impression of life online: