NEXCONippon Expressway Company (Japan)
NEXCONational Association of Export Companies
NEXCONorth American Association of Exporting Companies
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Among the products that are set to be displayed at the NEXCO managed rest stations are; Taiwanese dates, which will have free samples available, a series of sweet cakes made from Taiwanese bananas and other fruit products, as well as spicy oil made with sakura shrimp.
The COA expressed their optimism and gratitude over the deal with NEXCO, remarking that they have been working hard to promote Taiwan's banana crop to businesses and consumers in Japan, and that the deal with NEXCO is another success in that campaign, report China Times.
MC has formed a partnership with NEXCO East, one of the largest expressway operators in Japan, to invest, for the first time, in an Indian toll-road platform with the support of JOIN, a Japanese government sponsored entity established to finance transportation infrastructure projects abroad by Japanese companies.
Our results support the life-extension policies regarding expressways of NEXCO and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in Japan.
NexCO is calculated by a pulse contour method (CO-TREK) using the measured systolic pressure time integral and the heart's afterload determined from the Windkessel model [16].
In an 8-hour period, simultaneous CCO and NexCO measurements were obtained every 2 hours (02-4-6-8 hrs, in total 225 paired measurements) while simultaneous TDCO and NexCO were obtained every 4 hours (04-8 hrs, in total 135 paired measurements).
NEXCO said safety inspections consist largely of visual surveys, with workers looking for cracks and other abnormalities, or listening to the acoustics of the concrete.
NEXCO East and Nextremer will conduct demonstration testing of an interactive customer service system that utilizes the Interaction System Tool Kit.
Following this first case of the sharing of these technologies to NEXCO East and Nextremer, Honda Research Institute expects these language analysis technologies to be utilized as basic technologies behind the interactive interfaces of various industries and companies.
This new system, installed at NEXCO Central's Tokyo control center, provides real time traffic information by rapidly processing large volumes of data (big data) collected from roadway sensors at approximately 1 minute intervals, roughly 5 times the frequency processed by existing systems.