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NEXINippon Export and Investment (insurance)
NEXINarrowed Extended XPath I (programming language)
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The Nexi AI-enhanced service will be offered at no additional cost to all vAuto customers who use Stockwave, vAuto's proprietary solution to help dealers analyse their current inventory.
With continuing development of economic relations between Japan and Indonesia, ASEI and NEXI, as state-owned Export Credit Agencies, have taken an active role in improving the trade climate for Japanese companies through the ASEI - NEXI Export Credit Insurance and Domestic Credit Insurance programs.
In a second experiment, the team had research participants converse with Nexi for 10 minutes, much like they did with another person in the first experiment.
If, as argued in the first section, the philosophical nature of a logos depends on its "capacity" to exhibit causal nexi holding among its objects, then, to the extent that historia does (and ought to) represent these connections, it shares in such a nature, although to a lesser degree than poetry.
Shachar offers two alternatives to the status quo birthright citizenship paradigm: a birthright levy and a jus nexi approach to citizenship.
She calls this "genuine connection" principle jus nexi.
Since our XML search engine is based on an RDBMS, a NEXI query must be translated into SQL before the execution.
German ECA; JBIC = Japan Bank for International Cooperation; AfDB = African Development Bank; IFC = International Finance Corporation; ADB = Asian Development Bank; KfW = Kreditanstalt fuer Wiederaufbau, divided into Development Cooperation Department of German Development Assistance (KfW-DC) and an ECA department (KfW-IPEX); USAID = US Agency for International Development; NEXI = Nippon Export and Investment Insurance, Japan.
The Nexi Robot" (9781599533421) showcases four small humanoid robots with mobility, dexterity, and communication skills.
Further funds will be provided as direct loans and guarantees totalling more than $3 billion from export credit agencies JBIC, NEXI, KEXIM, KEIC and SACE.