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NEZNeighborhood Enterprise Zone (Michigan)
NEZNorth European Zone (International Automobile Federation; motor sport)
NEZNeighborhood Empowerment Zone (Forth Worth, TX)
NEZNo Escape Zone
NEZNerve Root Entry Zone (oral medicine)
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Here, also, the savage tribes connected with the trade, the Nez Perces or Chopunnish Indians, and Flatheads, had pitched their lodges beside the streams, and with their squaws, awaited the distribution of goods and finery.
Unluckily, the trappers and their allies, in searching for the fort, had got scattered, so that Wyeth, and a number of Nez Perces, approached the fort on the northwest side, while others did the same on the opposite quarter.
This however, was abandoned; the Nez Perces being unwilling to destroy the robes and blankets, and other spoils of the enemy, which they felt sure would fall into their hands.
This speech was translated two or three times by Nez Perce and creole interpreters.
Here he found a village or encampment of forty huts or tents, covered with mats, and inhabited by Nez Perces, or Pierced-nose Indians, as they are called by the traders; but Chipunnish, as they are called by themselves.
Clarke laid up his barge and canoes in a sheltered place, on the banks of a small bay, overgrown with shrubs and willows, confiding them to the care of the Nez Perce chief, who, on being promised an ample compensation, engaged to have a guardian eye upon them; then mounting his steed, and putting himself at the head of his little caravan, he shook the dust off his feet as he turned his back upon this village of rogues and hard dealers.
The book presents details gleaned from Fletcher's written letters, official reports, diaries, scholarly documents, and magazine articles on federal Indian policies, particularly regarding the division of Nez Perce ("Nimiipuu") land.
The town is named for Joseph of the Nez Perc` - a Christianised name for both a father and a son who went to their graves fighting to hold on to the valley.
Joseph was the leader of a band of Nez Perce Indians that lived for millennia in the valleys and canyons of the Wallowa country in what is now northeast Oregon.
The Tour de Nez is an annual two-day ominum for able-bodied bikers, handcyclers and children held in Fernley, Nev., and Reno, Nev.
Nez's parents were barely considered citizens by mainstream society when he was born in 1921.