NF3Nitrogen Trifluoride
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The aggregated size of the nanofluid was measured to be 110 nm, 125 nm, and 150 nm corresponding to nanofluids NF1, NF2, and NF3, respectively.
In the treatments with N fertilization NF2, NF3, NF4 and NF5, there were reductions in the results of 0.0142, 0.0174, 0.0032 and 0.0229 mmol of C[O.sub.2] [m.sup.2], respectively, as the number of plants per hectare increased, with opposite response in relation to the treatment NF1.
The coat erosion study was done in pH 6.8 and pH 7.4 for formulations NF3, NF4, and NF5 as shown in Figure 8.
Human skin fibroblast cell line Hs27 was treated with NF3 at 4 mg/ml for 24 h, and in vitro scratch wound healing and quantitative cell migration assays were performed, respectively.
Air Products (NYSE: APD), a company that serves customers in industrial, energy, technology and healthcare markets worldwide with a unique portfolio of atmospheric gases, process and specialty gases, performance materials, and equipment and services, is more than doubling its nitrogen trifluoride (NF3) capacity at its production facility in Ulsan, Korea.
Nitrogen trifluoride, (NF3) is 17,000 times more powerful a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, yet is not covered by the Kyoto protocol because it was only made in tiny amounts when the agreement was signed in 1997.
In partnership with Tecnicas Reunidas of Spain, the Iranian firm Namvaran has submitted the lowest price of four bids made for the third natural gas fractionation (NF3) project at the Bandar Imam centre for petrochemical industries.
cxd6 6 Nc3 g6 White has been scoring well with 7 Be3 Bg7 8 Rc1 0-0 9 b36 Nc3 Be7 7 Nf3 0-0 8 Be2 Nc6 9 0-0 Bg4 10 b3 Bf6 11 Be3 d5 12 c5 Nc8 13 h3 Be6 14 Rc1
The third natural gas fractionation (NF3) unit at Bandar Imam was bid for last month by four groups.
It has proven decomposition rates of over 99.4% for CF4, C2F6, CHF3, C3F8, C4F8, NF3, CO and SF6.