NFADNegative Feedback Avalanche Diode (photon counting detector)
NFADNew Fast Automatic Daffodils (UK band)
NFADNational Falls Awareness Day (Help the Aged; London, England, UK)
NFADNo Finalizar Antes Del (Spanish: Not End Before)
NFADNational First Aid Distributors (New Zealand)
NFADNuclear Forces Analysis Division (US Joint Chiefs of Staff)
NFADNo Further Action Determination (environmental reviews)
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I = nFAD [c.sub.1]/L + 2 [[infinity].summation over (n=1)][(-1).sup.n+1] exp (-[Dn.sup.2][[pi].sup.2]t/[L.sup.2]).
La fibra acido detergente (FAD), el N en fibra acido detergente (NFAD), la fibra neutro detergente (FND), el N en fibra neutro detergente (NFND), la fraccion de carbohidratos no estructurales (CNE) y la lignina (Lig), se determinaron segun el metodo de Van Soest et al.
It was suggested that the subsequent climb to just under $20,000 was due to the increase in global adoption of NFADs, in particular from China, South Korea, and Japan (Young 2017).