NFAISNational Federation of Abstracting and Information Services
NFAISNational Federation of Advanced Information Services (Philadelphia, PA)
NFAISNational Federation of Abstracting and Indexing Services (name prior to 1982)
NFAISNon-Focal Axonal Injury Score
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According to Lucian Parziale, president-elect of the NFAIS, "The battle for mindshare has begun, but we must have a more in-depth knowledge of the needs of information seekers to win that battle.
PHILADELPHIA -- NFAIS, the premier membership organization for groups that aggregate, organize and facilitate access to information, announced today the list of companies that will premiere their products and services at the first-ever NFAIS Technology Showcase.
The NFAIS Annual Conference will focus on the needs of information aggregators - information providers that abstract, categorize, classify, filter, and index large databases.
Those wishing to attend the NFAIS Technology Showcase may do so by contacting Margaret Manson at NFAIS Headquarters by email at mmanson@nfais.
Further program details and registration information on the NFAIS Annual Conference, can be found at the NFAIS Web site: http://www.
In addition, the Conference will feature a special Digital Copyright Update overview and the first-ever NFAIS Technology Showcase, a 2-hour event highlighting the newest, proven technology tools for the production and use of digital information sources.
The 2002 NFAIS Annual Conference is a unique opportunity for information providers, information technology companies, and the user community to gather intelligence, expand contacts in the industry, and learn important news that can affect the way in which we all do business in the future.
An event that draws between 250 and 300 senior executives in the information industry annually, the 2002 NFAIS Annual Conference will focus on the theme of Integrating @ Internet Speed: Strategies for the Content Community.
He has been a frequent speaker at Medical Informatics seminars in Europe and a frequent speaker at IT-related conferences such as ASIDIC, NFAIS & EDUCAUSE.