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NFBNational Film Board of Canada
NFBNational Federation of the Blind
NFBNegative Feedback
NFBNo Fuse Breaker
NFBNormal for Bridgewater (music album)
NFBNeeds Food Badly (gaming clan; World of Warcraft)
NFBNo Fixed Bridges (real estate)
NFBNeurofeedback (biofeedback)
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APTN is proud to partner with the NFB by being part of a series of initiatives aimed at increasing the contribution and recognition of Indigenous Peoples and cultures to the Canadian film and television industry, in alignment with Truth and Reconciliation Commission recommendations.
His other NFB credits included the stop-motion film 'Toys' (1966), 'Boo Hoo' (1975) and 'See You in the Funny Papers' (1983), about Canadian syndicated cartoonist Lynn Johnston.
Implementing NFB into a counseling practice can be a challenging, time-consuming and expensive endeavor.
We propose NFB as the foundation for this integration because it not only incorporates an understanding of neuroscience, the study of the brain and nervous system, but also offers an applied means of intervention that counselors can implement to promote and evaluate positive client change.
Maurer describes the NFB as perhaps the most registered nonprofit in the country when it comes to state charity solicitation bureaus.
In addition to providing advice lines and training for member companies, the NFB has a busy work programme promoting the interests of SME contractors.
The NFB represents some 1,500 builders and contractors across England and Wales.
To help the NFB raise awareness of the issue and understand accurately how small and medium-sized companies are being affected, the federation is calling on firms to highlight problems encountered with framework agreements via an online questionnaire.
Marie Ashall, regional director for the NFB, said: "Frameworks have the potential to be a great delivery mechanism for the construction industry, but anecdotal evidence from our small to medium-sized members suggests that they're being implemented unfairly.
Andrew Percy, regional director for the NFB in the Midlands, said: "Proving that your firm has the capability and performance in technical and managerial aspects is far more crucial nowadays.
According to the NFB the demonstration book includes five Braille pages, four tactile map images created from NASA satellite imagery, and an additional tactile page, which acts as a remote control to access the associated digital content.
A native of Yorkton, McLean joined the NFB in 1941 as an assistant cameraman.