NFBENon-Formal Basic Education
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The AKU-IED carried out the study in collaboration with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (Jica) in the 16 newly established NFBE centres set up by Jica and NGO World, a non-governmental organisation, in Korangi.
Results revealed that 75% NFBE learners secured more than 60 percent marks in both the oral and written examinations whereas 81 percent ALC learners reached this level.
But figures, published on 8 April by Eurostat, indicate that micro, small and medium-sized enterprises' relative importance in terms of contribution to jobs and wealth was lower than their share in the total number of enterprises, since they accounted for 67% of total employment and 58% of value added in the NFBE in the EU in 2005.
In far-flung areas 25,000/ Non- formal Basic Education (NFBE) community schools were established and teachers of NFBE schools will be trained by AIOU.
The major literacy projects, including campaign for enhancement of literacy in four districts include literacy program in adult literacy centers (ALCs) and non-formal basic education (NFBE) schools in 31 districts; Punjab literacy and livelihood program; establishment of 300 ALCs and 200 NFBE schools at brick kilns; and non-formal education promotion project with JICA.
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which employ less than 250 people, are the backbone of the EU's non-financial business economy (NFBE)(1) as they represented 99.8% of EU25 NFBE enterprises in 2003 and employed about two-thirds of the workforce.
The Literacy and Non Formal Basic Education (L and NFBE) Department of the Punjab government had launched the programme for illiterate adults in Punjab.
The Literacy and Non Formal Basic Education (NFBE) Department Punjab has set up more than 13,000 Non Formal Basic Education Schools (NFBEs) across the province which are imparting education to some 400,000 learners in the areas where there is primary school with-in one kilometer radius or the areas where child labour is rife.
Razina said that a training institute for Literacy and non-formal education would be established in Islamabad to develop research and develop materials and provide trainings to all stakeholders working in the field of literacy Non-Formal Basic Education (NFBE).
163.794 million and Punjab Accelerated Functional Literacy & NFBE Project at the cost of Rs.
Secretary Labour Sohail Shehzad briefed the minister that after successful campaign for elimination of child labour under the age of 14 years from brick kilns, more than 70 thousand children have been enrolled in collaboration with well reputed NGOs in different NFBE Centres, partner schools of PEF and school education department.
Huma Mir (D.A.T.A) met Secretary Literacy & NFBE Department.