NFBGNational Federation of Badger Groups
NFBGNational Franchisee Board Germany (Subway)
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The NFBG or FBG concentration was monitored weekly during the entire experimental period by using a portable glucometer (Glu-coplus Inc., Quebec, Canada) with a maximum measuring capacity of 600mg/dl.
The non-fasting blood glucose (NFBG) concentrations of diabetic groups (DBC and DWT) were significantly higher than the NC group at Week 0 (1 week after diabetes induction).
It's possible that local clusters of infection may have been caused by cattle passing the disease to badgers, rather than the other way round, said NFBG vice chairman Richard Turner.
The Farmers' Union of Wales said the NFBG's only concern was ``badger numbers, not badger welfare'' and accused the group of being ``in denial''.
"We also note that the NFBG has used the ISG report to launch yet another blistering misinterpretation of the factors fuelling TB spread in which it claims that the movement of cattle during re-stocking after FMB almost certainly caused the massive increase recorded after herd testing resumed in 2002.
NFBG chief executive Elaine King said the inquiry report, detailed for the first time in Country & Farming last week, supported conservationist proposals for controlling bovine TB through better cattle management.
NFBG chief executive Dr Elaine King said the government had known for more than 10 years that deer were susceptible to b TB, but had only just begun to examine the problem.
'Our investigation has uncovered what appears to be a systematic attempt by Defra to conceal the existence of bTB in deer and maintain the media's attention solely on badgers as a wildlife reservoir of bTB in cattle,' said Dr Elaine King, NFBG chief executive.
But while there is evidence badgers can be infected by Sars, there is no proof they can transmit the virus to humans or other animals,insisted Dr Elaine King,Chief Executive of the National Federation of Badger Groups (NFBG).
NFBG chief executive Dr Elaine King said the reactive culling data confirmed there was a bovine TB link between badgers and cattle.
The National Federation of Badger Groups (NFBG) and its supporting groups have long campaigned for test dates to be recorded on cattle passports as a measure to prevent the spread of bTB, but there seems considerable opposition to this common sense approach.
``The NFBG warned in November 2001 that bovine TB would spiral out of control following the lifting of movement restrictions in the wake of footand-mouth disease.