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NFCDNetwork Flow-Control Call Distribution (Sprint)
NFCDNuclear Fuel Cycle Development Program (various locations)
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After the sale, NFCD was contacted by Mock, who lives across the street from 424 Memorial Parkway.
NFCD received two proposals - Ryan Cali and Matthew Melcher (Proposal 1): $1,000 and Mark, Michael and Matthew Valle (Valle Group): $7,500 (Proposal 2).
NFCD selected Proposal 2 based on strength of proposal and renovation background.
NFCD prioritizes home ownership, and responds to public input.
As stated above, NFCD had concerns about the renovations before the sale happen.
However, NFCD has made reasonable arrangements in the past, in the face of undue hardship, to allow for the successful completion of other projects.
In December 2018, NFCD was contacted by Karen Mock (Proposal 3).
Precedent: Through the home ownership auction, NFCD has dealt with similar situations in the past.
NFCD allowed him to sell the property over to a family member, so that the renovation could be completed.
NFCD also auctioned a house that was clearly advertised to have the former owner living in it, illegally.
In the past six years NFCD has sold over 50 houses via home ownership auction or RFP and executed over 450 home ownership renovations and first time home buyer grants.
NFCD has met with all parties involved several times.