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G Rathinaraj, Executive Director, NFDB, told ANI: "This is the first year, in which we have started this kind of festival.
Rao, IAS, chief executive, NFDB, Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad.
Thanks to the mopeds funded by the NFDB, fishermen are now able to save time.
NFDB was established to realise the untapped potential of the fisheries sector inland and marine fish capture and its culture, processing and marketing.
We have prepared with this hierarchy our Learning Domain to save, in the next time, the extracted fragments in correspondent parts of the course in new fragments database 'NFDB'.
The fragment which has the highest degree will be saved in 'NFDB' database, and then we repeat the process for all fragments of Web resources found.
We have repeated the same treatment for all Web resource sub fragments, to associate them to SRs in course part, and saved results in 'NFDB' database.
* Finally, we order the most relevant sub fragments in Excel Model to create our New Fragments Database 'NFDB'.
After the process of fusion, we get all sub fragments which are saved in 'NFDB' database (as in Fig 4.).
In our system, the adaptation is assured by the approach which is based on fusion, because we have the goals which are defined in pedagogical ontology for each learner and the content that can be used in creation of courses is stored in 'NFDB' database.
The festival, sponsored by the NFDB whose executive director Dr Madhumita Mukherjee is arriving here as a representative and Agricultural Technology Management Agency, would serve as a path-breaking event on fisheries potential, its cultivation that could bring a turn around in the socio-economic development of the local people, Lalrinsanga said with confidence.