NFERNational Foundation for Educational Research (UK)
NFERNear Field Electromagnetic Ranging (radio technology)
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The NFER is offering two opportunities a year - autumn and spring - for Welsh secondary schools to use the test, which costs PS3,550 and will be administered by NFER staff.
NFER assessed the impact of gardening in schools by surveying 1,300 teachers and conducted an in-depth study of ten schools from a large primary in London to a small village school in Yorkshire to discover that gardening in schools encourages children to:
The NFER Emotional Literacy questionnaire (12) is a psychometrically validated tool for pupils and their parents.
The NFER surveyed a selection of 1,300 school teachers and studied in-depth 10 schools belonging to the RHS Campaign for School Gardening, from a large urban London primary to small village school in Yorkshire, to discover that gardening in schools encourages children to become stronger, more active learners capable of thinking independently and adapting their skills and knowledge to new challenges at school and in future.
Sampling locations and total number of snuffbox mussel and logperch collected during the 2007-2008 survey in the Embarras River basin, Illinois; stream includes Embarras River (ER) and North Fork Embarras River (NFER).
children are at spelling was investigated by the National Foundation of Educational Research (NFER) (Brook et at, 1993), who looked at essays written by 1492 secondary school children in England...
Dermot Mullan from the Catholic Head Teachers' Association said: "We believe that the NFER has a robust system in place.
I carried on working for the NFER (Records of Achievement in the Marketplace, 1990) while writing more for The Sporting Life and various other newspapers until Mike Gallemore, then the Life's editor, invited me for another lunch, along with Alastair and former editor Monty Court.
A report published by NFER on 6.3.08 Attitudes to Reading at Ages Nine and Eleven (Research Summary) has suggested that, for the first time in many years, reading books is gaining in popularity amongst 9-11 year olds as opposed to watching television.