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Black said NFESC and Sound & Sea Technology (SST) have successfully planned and installed several cable shore landings, including an HDD HDAS shore bypass conduit system at Ascension Island in the South Pacific Ocean and a fiber-optic cable communication system shore bypass at San Nicholas Island, CA.
Drilling operations were conducted by an experienced four-person Island Mechanical crew who specialized in offshore work and drilling through coral formations supported by personnel from Sound & Sea Technology, Underwater Construction Team TWO and NFESC.
"This is a win-win," said Kurt Buehler, chemical engineer at NFESC. "By producing our own biodiesel from used cooking oil, we can eliminate a solid waste disposal problem on bases.
"Now, with the cooperation of NFESC, we hope to continue making improvements so that it can soon be deployed at military installations around the world."
According to NFESC, the average landfilling fee is about $50/ton, and the cost for size reduction of the treated pilings is estimated at $50/ton.
Ecology and Environment Inc., of Buffalo, N.Y., will perform the application as part of the NFESC's Broad Agency Announcement contracting initiative.
A life-cycle cost analysis conducted for the Ascension Island project, prepared by Stan Black, former NFESC employee and current NFESC contractor, concluded that directional drilling was the most reliable and cost-effective method for installing conduit to protect the station's cables.
NFESC submitted an environmental impact analysis to the Air Force and also generated an environmental approval document, which showed that no significant environmental impacts were related to this work."
To plan routes for pilot bores, Sinclair says that NFESC performed comprehensive bathymetric, sidescan and sub-bottom sonar surveys, as well as land surveys and diver inspections in Southwest Bay.