NFHRNorwegian Fjord Horse Registry (Webster, NY)
NFHRNational Forum for Human Rights (Sierra Leone)
NFHRNational Federation of Hotels and Restaurants (Czech Republic)
NFHRNorth Fork of the Holston River (Virginia and Tennessee)
NFHRNational Foundation for Housing Reform (Russia)
NFHRNorth Florida Horse Rescue, Inc. (Keystone Heights, FL)
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A total of 18 NFHR locations were surveyed for unionid mussels from September 2004 to October 2005, including 6 upstream and 12 downstream of the SITE (Fig.
At 15 NFHR locations, timed mask-and-snorkel surveys [catch-per-unit-effort (CPUE), mussels/h] were conducted by 8-22 biologists to determine locations of mussel aggregations for subsequent quadrat (0.25 [m.sup.2]) surveys (Table 1).
HM the King commended the role of NFHR Council of Commissioners and Secretariat General to foster human rights and raise social awareness of them.
HM King Hamad wished NFHR President and board members every success in fulfilling their national duties and consolidating human rights in Bahrain.
The North Fork Holston River (NFHR) arises at Sharon Springs, Virginia, and flows southwest 210 km to its confluence with the South Fork Holston River at Kingsport, Tennessee.
Mercury contamination of the lower NFHR resulted from operations at a now-defunct chlorakali plant in Saltville, Virginia, from 1951 to 1972.
The other concern is stating the competences of the NFHR, and what it offers the state, the society institutions, and the ordinary citizen.
The Secretary General of NFHR added that the seminar also focused on the most important raised points on the scene today, such as democracy, freedom of expression, freedom of demonstration, trade unions, and how to exercise these freedoms in the light of the Constitution and the law properly.
The National Foundation for Human Rights (NFHR) strongly condemned the illegal acts targeting the lives of the security men, the innocents, destabilizing security and stability, terrifying secure citizens and residents, disrupting the continuing of the process of human, civilized and economic development, threatening security and civil peace, and attempting to drag the homeland into dangerous slides.
(NFHR) called on all various civil society institutions to the need to take unified and active procedures and stances to stop all the illegal acts and firmly confront them, for they are tampering homeland and citizens security, which are contrary to the values and principles of Islam, all norms and conventions and international treaties, alien to the Bahraini community, which is known for its love, tolerance and rejection of violence and extremism.
At the beginning of the meeting, Vice-President of (NFHR) welcomed the visit of the members of the delegation, which comes in the framework of the cooperation and communication with the international bodies, and to exchange points of view.
Minister of Human Rights Affairs stressed that the issuance of the Royal Decree to appoint the members of (NFHR) is considered a new starting signal for (NFHR) to initiate its legal duties in the light of the royal amendments, and the reinforcement of its powers and independence in accordance with the known Paris principles in this regard.