NFIPNational Flood Insurance Program (US FEMA)
NFIPNational Foreign Intelligence Program
NFIPNational Football Information Point (various nations)
NFIPNational Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, Inc.
NFIPNational Forum for Information Planning (UK and Ireland)
NFIPNuclear Free and Independent Pacific Day (est. 1975)
NFIPNational Federation of Independent Photographers
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RMS expects NFIP losses to represent approximately half of the total insured loss estimate.
As reflected in the FRA, what was proposed is not the full replacement of the NFIP by the private sector per se, but rather a set of measures that would enable private insurers to underwrite flood insurance on a much broader scale.
became the third Republican this week to object to the unanimous consent of the disaster aid, setting up the fast-track vote on the NFIP provision only.
NAA and NMHC have long called for greater accuracy in risk rating and mapping as many apartment owners and operators rely on the NFIP for flood insurance coverage to mitigate the financial risk caused by flooding events.
"However, they cede all of the financial risk to the NFIP," he said.
Bill Cassidy said FEMA had erred when it told insurers earlier this week that it said it cannot issue or renew NFIP policies during a partial government shutdown.
is almost entirely assumed by the NFIP as standard homeowners' insurance policies typically do not cover the peril.
This year the NFIP was renewed on the day it was scheduled to lapse.
"Engaging both markets will create more competition and reduce the NFIP's risk transfer costs," FEMA said.
The NFIP transferred $1.042 billion of the NFIP's financial risk to the private reinsurance markets earlier in 2017, marking what FEMA described as "a key step toward a stronger and more resilient program" in the statement announcing the claim.
The NFIP, which requires homeowners with federally-backed mortgages in certain high-risk flood zones to purchase flood insurance and subsidizes about a fifth of those otherwise potentially cost-prohibitive insurance policies, is one of the last remaining barriers to a disaster for the high-value coastal real estate market.