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(40) See NFLC REPORT, supra note 20, at 3 (stating that the area is
states have made in forest conservation since the NFLC published
Arnold says he left the NFLC long before the October 1994 publication of the article, which he called "repugnant.
Discouraged but undaunted, the soon-to-expire Governors' Task Force advised the governors to appoint members to the NFLC and to move forward on the basis of Congressional appropriations to the Council, a not uncommon way to claim authorization even though there was no legislative definition of the NFLC.
During 1992 the NFLC established several working subcommittees under the direction of a full-time executive director, conducted hearings, and issued bimonthly newsletters.
Though the NFLC claims to be the heir and champion of the vision set forth by the GTF, some of its critics believe that it has a much narrower vision "to simply (be) a mechanism to reinforce traditional ownership patterns." In response to the NFLC's draft 1992 Interim Status Report, 19 member organizations of the newly formed Northern Forest Alliance sent a letter to the NFLC's chairman and executive director urging them "to reestablish a comprehensive context for the Council's work for the coming year to address the full charge given by the (Governors') Task Force, the Northern Forest Lands Study, and the Congressional Record."
(NFLC Occasional Papers.) Washington, D.C.: National Foreign Language Center.
Based on an inventive reading of the Constitution and various federal laws by a Wise Use organization called the National Federal Lands Conference (NFLC), these ordinances promise credulous county officials exemption from "big gummint" land-use laws like the Endangered Species Act and the Clean Water Act, and from rulings that increase federal grazing fees, decrease logging in national forests, and designate new wilderness areas or wild-and-scenic rivers.
Scott Reed, the Coeur d'Alene attorney representing the environmentalists, jokes that custom-and-culture ordinances "ought to be attacked under the Consumer Protection Act." Boundary County's ordinance came about, he says, when a prominent resident attended an NFLC seminar ($45) in Idaho Falls and bought "the kit" ($95), a packet of materials "to empower your county government so the federal agencies have to protect your custom, culture, and tax base." Also available are a "litigation strategies" packet for $79.95, a video seminar on "private rights in federal lands" for $185, and a "patriotic and moving painting of the signers of the U.S.