NFLGNuclear Fuel Leasing Group
NFLGNational Financial Legacy Group (Baltimore, MD)
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The NFLG, which offers representation for the land based sector in the North East, was established three and a half years ago and now has a membership that oversees 236,000 acres of land in the region.
Lead consultant for the NFLG, Angus Collingwood-Cameron, thanked Mr Opperman for his attendance, adding: "Right from the beginning, Guy has been an enormous supporter, who often comes back to us with offers of help, or additional information, and will speak to ministers on our behalf."
A conventional short-run closure of equations (E1)-(E13) would have Y, X, C, HINC, GINC, GNDI, M, PX, I, [PSI], ROR, L and TOT determined endogenously, given exogenous values for A, APC, G, K, NFLG, NFLH, PM, R, TD, TL, TQ, V, W and A.
In BOTE, this can be seen by noting that via equations (E5) and (E16), with G above base-case (see Section 3.1.3 above) and TD and TQ below base-case throughout the period 2009--2016 (see Sections 3.1.1 and 3.1.2 above), the bulk of the increase in net foreign liabilities depicted in Figure 11 can be viewed as an increase in the long-run value of NFLG.
But with NFLG now above base-case, via equation (E5) the requirement that GINC returns to base-case requires that the long-run value of TD be above base-case.
"It would be fairly unlikely you'd find something that would fit the criteria exactly." Of more concern to NFLG, which represents the owners and managers of approximately 225,000 acres in the North East, is that councils sharpen up their practices when it comes to planning generally.
WITH less than a year to go to the Scottish referendum on independence, the Northern Farmers and Landowners Group (NFLG) warns that it is not the only cross-border show in town.
Northumberland landowner Angus Collingwood-Cameron, representing NFLG, said: "The Common Agricultural Policy seems to be getting less common the whole time and North East farmers will bear the brunt of inequality.
THE Government consultation on converting redundant farm buildings to houses has been welcomed by the Northern Farmers and Landowners Group (NFLG) but the group laments what it calls the lack of North East proofing.
The proposal on the table - to allow redundant farm buildings to be converted to a maximum of three houses - is to be lauded, says the NFLG, but it is very short on detail, particularly in areas which affect the North East.