NFOICNational Freedom of Information Coalition
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Davis, A New Weapon in Sunshine Battles: The Knight FOI Fund, NFOIC (Mar.
The 2002 NFOIC conference is co-hosted by the committee, the Florida First Amend-meat Foundation, and the Brechner Center for Freedom of Information.
org, contact NFOIC at (214) 977-6658, or visit www.
The meeting also produced some news: NFOIC has issued a call for proposals for a new headquarters site, and several prominent academic institutions and FOI centers are preparing pitches.
A screening committee of SPJ and NFOIC leaders will select the inductees, and up to three individuals may be inducted into the Hall of Fame each year.
The request was submitted jointly by the SPJ FOI Committee, New Jersey Foundation for Open Government, and NFOIC.
That first grant was followed by a generous gift to SDX by the Freedom Forum in 1991 and the creation of NFOIC in 1992.
In Orlando, he, Charles and I shared the idea with others, including Guy Baehr, SPJ's former Awards and Honors Committee chair, and NFOIC President Tom O'Hara of Cleveland.
In September, the SPJ board signed on, followed by the NFOIC leadership.