NFOPNational Fugitive Operations Program
NFOPNevada Friends of Paleontology
NFOPNorsk Forening for Oral Protetikk (Norwegian: Norwegian Association of Oral Prosthetics)
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subaccount; CAP, NFOP, and Secure Communities ("Identification and
CAP and NFOP in FY2005 and FY2006 over the previous years, and
aliens since it does not include funding for NFOP and the [section]
section] 287(g), and NFOP and alien identifications and administrative
1 million administrative arrests since 2004, while NFOP and the
arrests by ICE, including 35,094 arrests by ICE's NFOP targeting
65) In 2009, House appropriators moved the NFOP from the general
Notes: CAP refers to the Criminal Alien Program; NFOP refers to the