NFOPNational Fugitive Operations Program
NFOPNorsk Forening for Oral Protetikk (Norwegian: Norwegian Association of Oral Prosthetics)
NFOPNevada Friends of Paleontology
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intelligence sources to pursue criminal aliens and other NFOP priority
Based on these leads, NFOP teams conduct enforcement actions at
[section] 287(g) programs-and task force programs-including NFOP and 20
points in the criminal justice process, with the NFOP focusing on
operations and for the CAP, Secure Communities, NFOP, and [section]
subaccount; CAP, NFOP, and Secure Communities ("Identification and
CAP and NFOP in FY2005 and FY2006 over the previous years, and
aliens since it does not include funding for NFOP and the [section]
[section] 287(g), and NFOP and alien identifications and administrative
over 1.1 million administrative arrests since 2004, while NFOP and the
NFOP apprehends, arrests, and processes at-large removable aliens, while
arrests by ICE, including 35,094 arrests by ICE's NFOP targeting