NFPONational Focal Point Officer
NFPONot For Profit Organisation
NFPONational Flight Procedures Office (Federal Aviation Administration, Oklahoma City, OK)
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(Deloitte 2013) Some of these risks are also applicable to other areas of government and NFPOs. Examples of how the COSO frameworks apply are detailed below.
An impaired reputation can significantly impact both government entities and NFPOs. Both frameworks begin with the control environment (IC Framework) or internal environment (ERM Framework), the foundations for all other components.
NFPOs are impacted as well, given the numerous government grants many rely upon.
Similarly, NFPOs should attempt to predict the effects of demographic changes on mission-related capabilities.
NFPOs are also subject to unique compliance and reporting requirements.
In a similar sense, NFPOs that compete for voluntary donations and grants benefit from increased visibility regarding their use of donated funds.
Principle 10 (Selecting and Developing Control Activities) identifies a number of business process control activities that relate to transparency and accountability risk for both governments and NFPOs. These controls relate to authorizations, verifications, physical controls, controls over standing data, reconciliations, and supervisory controls.