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"One of our high-demand products, Nfra ERP system has been explicitly designed for the infrastructure and project-based industries and is already making waves in ERP market in the UAE," remarked Sudheer Nair, the chief executive of eresource.
To create a renewed level of prestige and recognition for this flagship awards program, NFRA made significant changes to the Golden Penguin Awards program last year.
To help retailers best employ its resources, NRFA has published a checklist of 12 ways to plan and promote June Dairy Month, such as leveraging sponsoring brands, decorating stores with POS items, promoting the national NFRA sweepstakes, and coordinating social media and in-store events.
"Supermarkets can take advantage of all the national hype just by making the frozen food aisle a focal point and featuring those items that are already being promoted by the manufacturer," Henderson says, adding that the NFRA provides materials to interested retailers.
The presence of the amoA and nrfA genes could also be explained by the high amount of ammonium nitrogen in the urban area since the enzyme ammonium monooxygenase needs its substrate (ammonium nitrogen) to perform the nitrification process; the gene nfrA is responsible for supplying this nutrient to the environment.
During the month, NFRA purchased 51,381 tonnes of maize and sorghum and sold 26,657 tonnes of maize and sorghum to private traders, the disaster relief and coordination unit in the Prime MinisteraACAOs office, and to the Prisons Department.
Other officers chosen at the NFRA's 64th Annual Meeting were: Travis Hubbard, Harris Teeter, chairman-elect; Jeff Thomas, Michael Foods, Inc., secretary; Ray Tarnowski, Philadelphia Warehouse & Cold Storage, treasurer; John Larsen, Safeway, vice chairman-refrigerated; and Bob Montgomery, Birds Eye Foods, vice chairman-frozen.
The American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI) and the National Frozen and Refrigerated Foods Association (NFRA) are announcing the launch of a bold new theme to be used by both associations to promote the frozen food category.
Being in such a state and recognizing it in others were important components of civilized existence, and the subject of some of the best known products of Italian culture: Se 'n solitaria piaggia rivo o fonte, se 'nfra duo poggi siede ombrosa valle, ivi s'acqueta l'alma sbigottita; et come Amor l'envita or ride or piange or teme or s'assecura, e 'l volto, che lei segue ov'ella il mena, si turba e rasserena et in un esser picciol tempo dura: onde a la vista uom di tal vita esperto diria: "Questo arde et di suo stato e incerto." RVF 129.4-13
The decision to sell Malawi's grain reserves followed advice from the IMF to reduce operational costs and the level of buffer stocks held from 167,000 tons to 60,000 tons, in order to repay a South African bank for a commercial loan of $300m, incurred by the National Food Reserve Agency (NFRA) when it was established as a quasi-independent agency.
He has designed RF and microwave circuits at the Netherlands Foundation for Research in Astronomy (NFRA) -- Dwingeloo, Ericsson -- Emmen (Paging) and Enschede (DECT), Lucent Technologies -- Utrecht RLL and WLAN), and delivered European support on RF/uW simulation software tools, Hewlett Packard -- Amstelveen, all in The Netherlands.