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NFSLNational Forest System Lands (USDA Forest Service)
NFSLNational Front for Salvation of Libya
NFSLNo Fighters in a Suitable Location
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The NFSL, the CSR said, is in exile "with many of its members in the United States".
Willens said: "The introduction of RDR in January 2013 has presented NFSL with an opportunity as it has caused several financial advice providers to exit the market, or provide services only to high net worth individuals."
No mention of Islam is made in its political program for the transitional period other than that Libya would respect "the national identity of its people including their cultural, linguistic, religious and ethnic affiliations." However, according to NFSL officials, it would be up to the constituent assembly to define the status of religion in the new Libya.
In 1981, Muhammad Yusuf al-Magariaf, who was the former Libyan Ambassador to India, organized the NFSL in the Sudan.
Sahad's NFSL has been most active in the opposition since the 1970s.
With the result of the vote in favour of Ashour and his board, the NFSL has said they will hold a sit-in at the Lawyers Syndicate headquarters to protest the outcome.
In his new role, Bob will have responsibility for overseeing the branch network, Newcastle Financial Services Ltd (NFSL) and the investment division of the society's contact centre.
The most organised non-militant Libyan opposition group is the National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL), which is a regular source of information on opposition activity in Libya - although its accuracy has been questionable.
According to the NFSL, Ashour's violations include not fulfilling promises made upon his election, wasting the syndicate's financial resources, and increasing segregation among lawyers.
But with the help of Newcastle Financial Services Limited (NFSL) and advice from one of our Financial Planning Managers, who can help you understand and appreciate your financial planning needs, it doesn't have to be.
Further information on retirement planning can be found in a publication from NFSL to be published in November: call (0845) 606-5522.
The most organised group is the National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL), which regularly reports clashes in Libya between opposition forces and the regime's police or military.