NFVFNational Film and Video Foundation (Capetown, South Africa)
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With the global economic crisis hitting all sectors of production, the South African film industry revealed a resilient feature and continued to churn out quality products that were appreciated by the audience," the NFVF added.
The NFVF initiative, according to many, is a start.
Although this is one of mandated goals of the NFVF, progress in this regard requires multiple initiatives on an industry-wide level.
This was highlighted by Botha in his review of NFVF policies, where it was suggested that incentives be created for local broadcasters to promote South African films, and that new media be involved in marketing and distribution strategies.
The NFVF is also mandated to promote development of South African film and television audiences, and facilitate the export of South African film and video product talent.
Zwana said : "I am pleased that I will still be involved in the industry and will get the chance to follow the progress of the many filmmakers that I began interactions with whilst at the NFVF.
The participation of South Africa at Cannes Film Festival is alleviated by the NFVF in collaboration with the KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission, the Durban Film Office and Western Cape destination marketing organisation Wesgro.
The NFVF, identifying lack of access to funding as a key factor holding back the development of the local industry, has worked hard this past year to lobby private and public institutions to work with filmmakers to find viable ways to finance projects.
Under the new system, the NFVF will be able to guide applicants through the process and ensure that our decisions are made on the basis of full and accurate information.
6 million is available for projects in the film and television sector in the upcoming financial year, and the NFVF is open to receiving proposals immediately.
NFVF, which promotes and develops the industry, believes its survey will be crucial to the future of broadcasting by helping to set new standards.
SABC will discuss its new policies with producers through a consultative process, facilitated by NFVF.