NFZNarodowy Fundusz Zdrowia (Polish: National Health Fund)
NFZNo-Fly Zone
NFZNemzeti Filharmonikus Zenekar (Hungarian: National Philharmonic Orchestra)
NFZNuclear Free Zone
NFZPolish: National Health Fund
NFZNo Fun Zone
NFZNebenfahrzeug (German)
NFZNo Fighting Zone (gaming)
NFZNo Fee Zone
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An important question the LLRC raises but leaves unanswered is why the GSL created a second and third NFZ after becoming cognizant that the LTTE would exploit such zones to launch attacks, to which the GSL would respond, putting civilians in harm's way is what the State Department raises in its report.
The LLRC report recognizes a pattern in which the LTTE exploited the NFZs and civilians there to attack GSL forces and then force civilians to follow them to the next NFZ.
While noting that the LLRC concluded that security forces did not deliberately targeted civilians in the NFZ and that it also concluded the LTTE was responsible for the majority of the civilian deaths, the State Department however determined that "The LLRC did not make any recommendations to investigate who was responsible for the shelling of civilians in the NFZs."
"The LLRC report concludes that the Sri Lankan security forces did not deliberately target hospitals and other humanitarian objects in the NFZs. For instance, the report examined an attack against the Vallipunam Hospital and IDP camp nearby on January 21, 2009, which killed over 40 civilians.
"At the end of the conflict with the LTTE, the GSL created a series of "No Fire Zones" (NFZs) aimed at providing civilians trapped in LTTE territory a safe haven into which government forces would not fire.
The Arab League is set to hold an extraordinary meeting in Cairo today to discuss a draft resolution calling on the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to endorse a NFZ over Libya because of excessive force used by Gaddafi's armed forces through air.