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NG2Ninja Gaiden II (video game)
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While IC was planning her social media relationship with ST, he was warning NG2 not to believe anything that appears online.
Primary antibodies for EGF, IL-1[beta], NG2 proteoglycan, desmin, and MMP-9were purchased from Abcam (Cambridge, UK), and a primary antibody for NE was purchased from Lifespan (Cambridge, UK).
The slides were subsequently incubated with primary antibodies against EGF (1:100), IL-1[beta] (1:200), NG2 proteoglycan (1:100), desmin (1:200), or MMP-9(1:200) at 4[degrees]C overnight.
The findings reveal that NG2 glia represent a promising target for neuronal cell replacement strategies to treat traumatic brain injury.
The study demonstrates unambiguously the conversion of a specific subtype of glia, the so-called NG2 glia, into induced neurons in living animals, said senior study author Benedikt Berninger of Johannes Gutenberg University here.
(A publication history in outline can be assembled from the verso of NG2's title pages and the reprinted prefaces in vol.
With Levy's index and Stanley Sadie's editorial introduction (l:xv--xxv), then, Nettl's courageous article "Music" completes the triune statement of NG2's system.