NGAALNational Guard Association of Alabama (Birmingham, AL)
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LOUIS VAV NGAAL says he is completely happy with his defence despite the amount of goals conceded by Manchester United so far this season.
All older Dusuns who had experienced this new way of life away from home, years later still talked fondly of the time spent in the fields, and described how, on their return, they desired to replicate their life in the fields and exchange communal life for living in separate accommodation (andi no bakumpol te, da biasa no ngaal noyo sulap io ale-ale: they no longer lived together; as they had become accustomed [to living by themselves] they began to build separate houses).
Land such as hill-tops could be flattened by modern machinery (nyungkil purok, ngaal rata-ratd), depressions could be filled in, making nearly all land suitable to erect houses.