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Ngar said he could not handle the matter based on his relations with the suspect.
'The clashes erupted near my village,' said a local resident of Ngor Ngar village.
1991 Kayau Indu, The Warpath of Women, A Ngar Ritual at Entawau, Baleh in October 1988.
2014b Ngar Ritual by Jati anak Ju and Mas anak Erak (29 May to 11 June 2014), Kapit.
For example, ma rtsa is pronounced as mar tsa, mi rgod as mir god, snga rgol as sngar gol, phyi rgol as phyir gol, bcu rgu as bcur gu, tho rgod as thor god, nga rgyal as ngar gyal, rdo rje as rdor je, lo rgyus as lor gyus, 'o rtsam as 'or tsam, chu rtsed as chur tsed, bya rgod as byar god, blo rgod as blor god, bu rdzi as bur dzi, ba rzi as bar dzi, lo rgan as lor gan, mi rgan as mir gan, pho rgod as phor god, kha rje as khar je, rgya rgan as rgyar gan, dge rgan as dger gan, bla rgan as blar gan, dmu rgod as dmur god, pha rgan as phar gan, ha rgod as har god and khyi rgan as khyir gan.
As such, it appears to be similar to the effigy or 'figurine' (ngar / ngar-glud) employed in the ransom rites of the institutionalized Bon; see Karmay, "The Man and the Ox," 340-41.
In 1988, she tells us, she documented an Iban ngar ritual in the Baleh river region of Sarawak.
In October 1988, I was fortunate to document a ngar ritual in a longhouse on the Baleh river.
2013b Reti enggau perengka ti diguna ba pengawa ngar, nakar tauka ngembun [Iban], Ngingit (4): 136-41.