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NGASANatural Gas Authority of South Australia (utility regulator; South Australia province, Australia)
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Kanid Lundayeh, kanid Kelabit Kanid Lun Bawang, kanid Sa'ben Serurum tau ngibpang bawang Serurum tau ngibpang ulun Serurum tau ngibpang tana' pad iah na ruen ngerumu' Serurum tau ngibpang pulong pad iah na ruen nuso Serurum tau ngibpang abpa' pad iah na ruen ngelutut Iko agung tana' Do ranging uni Iten muh bala kinih Kuan pupuh Patar Dita' Lundayeh, Kelabit Lun Bawang, Sa 'ben UNDP nemare peruan netau Titen Equator Prize Ku ngetueh netau Ngasa' tana' Ngasa' pulong Ngasa' abpa' Bawang Patar Dita' Bawang tepun Bawang tau [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED]
(1) 2 Ahmat Labo 12 Ngasa 11 Hamadi-Nurdin 80 Comoros.................
To counter any subsequent misfortune, he then explained, the person should speak abusively (ngasa) to the dog, driving it away in a coarse and exaggerated manner, just as is done when someone falls seriously ill and a close relative declaims, ordering an unseen (and unidentified) presence to leave the sufferer's house.