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When NGAT found it necessary to allow the importation of 58,240 Mt of garlic or the issuance of 1,165 IPs at 50 Mt per clearance to satisfy the market requirement from November 2013 to March 2014, Alcala approved and referred NGAT resolutions to Barron, a member of NGAT, for appropriate action.
In its second resolution, the NGAT declared insufficiency in the country's garlicsupply as of Oct.
In about 1967-68 Muang Meo, was divided into five Muangs (Muang Vang Xay, Muang Vieng Fa, Muang Nong Het, Muang Xieng Hung, and Muang Ngat) (Email from Yang Dao dated January 23, 2015; Administrative Structure: 1-13).
There is thus a certain amount of ambivalence inherent in the experience of ngat as a mental state that implies a complete immersion of consciousness with its intentional object.
Table 1 The variable description Variable Description MATH Mathematics pretest grade MIDT Midterm examination grade FINL Final examination grade INCT Internal locus of control index EXCT External locus of control index PSAT Positive attitudes index NGAT Negative attitudes index LDSP Leadership characters GRAD Semester grade of the engineering mathematics course REST Status of living at home ENRL Enrollment through recommendation Table 2 Distributions of the continuous variable data Variable M SD KS-Z Skew Kurt MATH 11.1 3.27 0.86 0.19 0.04 MIDT 53.7 24.4 1.26 0.91 0.25 FINL 36.2 15.1 1.04 1.12 3.04 INCT 37.6 4.24 1.06 0.23 -0.43 EXCT 28.9 4.55 0.80 0.28 -0.07 PSAT 38.1 4.85 1.04 0.46 -0.10 NGAT 24.6 5.69 0.87 0.23 0.49 LDSP 28.2 3.86 0.85 0.25 -0.26 GRAD 31.0 12.50 1.31 1.26 2.28 Note.
52 The Mae Ngat and Mae Kuang reservoirs also have the capacity to generate electricity.
Alcala in July 2013 made Cruz chairwoman too of a National Garlic Action Team (NGAT), consisting of Cruz's cronies masquerading as farmer leaders.
Cruz was one of the respondents who had been designated by Alcala as chair of the National Garlic Action Team (NGAT) in July 2013.
(VIEVA) chaired by a certain Lilia Cruz, who was even designated as chair of the National Garlic Action Team (NGAT) in July 2013.
(Vieva), chaired by trader Lilia Cruz, one of the respondents whom Alcala had designated chair of the National Garlic Action Team (NGAT).
On July 24, 2013, Alcala appointed Cruz as chairperson of the National Garlic Action Team (NGAT), which serves as the DA's consultative body on policies and concerns of the garlic production and supply program.