NGATSNext Generation Air Transportation System
NGATSNext Generation Army Target System
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The NGATS capabilities production document was coded as a joint interest requirement, so PD TMDE leveraged Navy and Marine Corps automatic test system architecture to develop some of the NGATS hardware solutions.
The nation should continue to implement NGATS. Controllers need the best technologies available to keep track of the increasingly furious dance in the nation's skies.
One of NGATS's stated objectives is to develop an ATC system using "modern technology and state-of-the-art procedures to handle increases in the volume of air traffic." But there isn't a detailed plan for NGATS we can analyze, see what we're supposed to be getting in exchange for higher taxes and make recommendations.
JPDO's partner agencies have agreed on a vision for NGATS and on eight strategies that broadly address the goals and objectives of NGATS.
While all of these objectives are reflected to some degree in the National Strategy for Aviation Security and the supporting plans, Congress may have a particular interest in how the strategic plan aligns with NGATS plans for enhancing aviation and airport security over the next 18 to 20 years.
Romanowski, AIA's vice president of civil aviation, said the estimated $200 million-$300 million annual unfunded NGATS transitional research will delay the program's implementation and have a negative effect on the U.S.'s economy and competitiveness.
Leduc continued, "As the focus of AUTOTEST is still primarily military/aerospace test, we will be exhibiting many of our instruments that are used in key MIL ATE systems such as Army NGATS, Navy eCASS, Air Force VDATS, and Marine Corps VIPER/T.
JPDO's framework includes an integrated plan that provides a vision for NGATS, an organizational structure and processes for leveraging the resources and expertise of federal and nonfederal stakeholders, and an enterprise architecture that defines the specific requirements for NGATS.
FAA Administrator Marion Blakey called ADS-B "the enabler" for NGATS. Blakey, who announced last fall that ADS-B will be the cornerstone of future air traffic control, noted that it "will give us real-time cockpit displays of traffic information in the cockpit and on the ground." Genesis for NGATS is the "Vision 100-Century of Aviation Reauthorization Act" passed in 2003 by Congress that called for creation of the future system and proposed a public/private partnership to implement it managed by the Joint Planning and Development Office, which was created for that purpose.
Next Generation Air Transportation System, as the program to modernize the US air traffic control system is now known, will revolutionize the airways in the same way that construction of the US interstate highway system changed how people and goods move on the ground, outgoing Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta said Wednesday at a forum on NGATS in Washington.