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NGBNational Guard Bureau
NGBNational Governing Body
NGBNational Garden Bureau
NGBNAWC (Naval Air Warfare Center) Governance Board
NGBNordic Gene Bank (Sweden)
NGBNintendo Game Boy (game)
NGBneurogenic bladder
NGBNever Get Busted
NGBNumerical-Grade Basis (grading system)
NGBNew Generation Billing
NGBNatural Graphite Brush
NGBNorth Georgia Beverage
NGBNose Gear Box
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However, the roles of these factors in detection of UUTD for NGB patients are still controversial, and the interaction of these factors have not been well considered.
The NGB J2 had even drafted a concept of operations (CONOP) for integrating National Guard intelligence personnel into the SFCs.
3) MSCoE and the NGB applied that vision to support a strategic goal which recognized the need to be responsive to a changing threat environment through a "lifelong approach" to enhancing knowledge and skills and allowing the unit commander maximum latitude to exercise individual and small-unit initiatives.
Pelo contrario, dos cerca de cinquenta e cinco termos da NGB nesse compartimento (em geral, subclassificacoes de vogais e de consoantes, que os gregos ainda nao faziam, o que naturalmente o exclui do nosso exame), onze sao de heranca da gramatica grega.
NGB launched its Smart TV platform in Ghana in 2010, its first venture into Africa.
Contudo, a adocao de uma nomenclatura diferente da estabelecida pela NGB faz retornar o status quo que motivou a sua elaboracao.
The establishment of a regional network is an important element to completing the NGB Network.
They are: The construction of an integrated IPTV network, as well as a control and monitoring platform for mobile-TV broad-casting; the formation of a single national cable-TV network company with the merger of about 1,000 regional radio and TV net-works scheduled for completion at this year's end; the acceleration of the digitisation of cable-TV networks; the introduction of innovative services and improving operational support capabilities; the rapid development of HDTV and HD VoD; and the creation of an NGB network.
In April 2009, it became the NGB for Paralympic shooting as well.
Once you have the basic coaching qualifications required by the NGB for your sport, you can go on to take more advanced qualifications.
You will normally need to hold a minimum grade approved by your chosen NGB (a minimum of 1st Kyu, but 1st Dan Black Belt is better), a valid first-aid certificate and a recommendation from your association before training as an instructor.
Before completing a coaching qualification you would need: to be aged at least 18; have instructor membership of an NGB; a minimum grade approved by your NGB - usually 1st degree (Dan) Black Belt; a valid first aid certificate; a recommendation from your association before attending an instructor award course.