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To focus on the role of artistic spaces for the representation of migration, I will describe an exhibit that took place in an art institution, the Neue Gesellschaft fur Bildende Kunst (NGBK or "New society for plastic arts." (7) The exhibit was called "Shared.
The large-scale housing projects in Frankfurt, with architect Ernst May as head of Municipal Housing, and in Berlin, under the direction of Martin Wagner, paved the way for numerous other projects throughout Germany after 1927 (RFGWBW, 1929: 92-130; Wingler, 1969: 126-127; NGBK, 1977: 41-108; Lane, 1985: 87-124; Kaes, Jay, and Dimendberg, 1994: 454-473).
9 "Baustop.randstadt" (NGBK, Berlin) As the Berlin show buildings are reaching completion, the new express trains are up and running, and the move to the new capital is underway, there are still a few who believe it makes sense to criticize the irreversible process of building a vulgar, spectacular capital and enlisting the arts in the effort.