NGCANational Golf Coaches Association (women's golf; est. 1983; Coral Springs, FL)
NGCANorthern Gallery for Contemporary Art (UK)
NGCANon-Gaussian Component Analysis
NGCANatural Glass Corvette Association (Oak Ridge, NJ)
NGCANational Guard Claims Act
NGCANVIDIA Game Center Alliance Program (various locations)
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While in Section IV we propose NGCA based on K -means algorithm and EA.
NGCA usually works in indoor environments, and consists of two procedures which are for clustering fast and accurately, respectively.
JustWare is a top-of-the-line case management system for tracking cases in courts of all sizes, from one user to more than 1,500 users, as well as monitoring collections," said the NGCA President and CEO, Nadine Jenkins.
About the NGCA The National Governmental Collectors Association is a non-profit education-based organization that recognizes, supports, and serves governmental collections nationwide.
Graham Dolphin's Come Together is at NGCA, City Library, Fawcett Street, until February 1; Wolfgang Weileder's Atlas until February 6.
FINALIST Kelly Richardson, Legion at Northern Gallery For Contemporary Art UNIQUELY in its history, the NGCA devoted the entire main gallery and project space to the work of one artist for this stunning survey of over 15 years' ' work.
Alistair Robinson, programme director at NGCA said: "We were delighted to have the chance to present much of a whole decade''s worth of (Kelly's) work, for the first time, at NGCA, as well as to tour Legion around the country.
In these exhibitions, the NGCA made a connection between two things.
John is currently exhibiting work from the Open Council at Sunderland's Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art - NGCA - in a group exhibition called Hints to Workmen.