NGHNational Guild of Hypnotists, Inc.
NGHNorthern General Hospital (National Health Service; UK)
NGHNational Group on Homeworking
NGHNot Gonna Happen
NGHNever Gonna Happen
NGHNormalized Greedy Heuristic
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With NGH, your smartphone finds access points using a process known as beaconing.
The marine NGH investigated in this paper is the nondiagenetic one stored in shallow layers below the seabed.
Extensive and ongoing training is required of National Guild of Hypnotists members receiving NGH certification.
NGH was established by LDC to hold shares in Network and staff agencies operator Pertemps Ltd, both of which were formed in connection with the de-merger of one business.
This major treatment centre will also transfer from the NGH to the RVI in the summer of 2010, meaning that this highly specialised field of healthcare will soon be housed in superb facilities with direct access to the most advanced and powerful scanning and treatment techniques available today.
Mitsui Engineering will develop technologies for the production, transportation and regasification of NGH through the new company, while Mitsui will consider how best to commercialize NGH transportation services, the two firms said.
We felt that NGH Hospitality would achieve better execution by capitalizing the three assets on a portfolio basis rather than seeking individual project financing as they had done with previous acquisitions," Michael Sonnabend, AFC principal, commented.
A NEW record has been set for the world's most expensive vehicle registration plate, with pounds 254,000 being paid for 51 NGH by its namesake.
The most money ever paid for a registration bearing a person's name was pounds 108,000 almost 10 years ago for S1 NGH.
The most expensive plates will be 51 NGH and 1 00, which have reserve prices of pounds 10,000.
But in the form of NGH, natural gas can be transported and stored in a semi-solid state at 10 to 20 degrees below freezing.
A recent report called Getting What's Rightfully Theirs, published by the NGH, shows that despite government legislation many continue to earn below the minimum wage.