NGMPPNepalese-German Manuscript Preservation Project (German Oriental Society)
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The book successfully combines the substantial opening essay on the broader contextualization of tantric practices with detailed presentations of particular texts from manuscript sources, mostly from the NGMPP. I only detected one typological error (Frits Staal's name misspelled as Fritz [p.
(7.) The earliest (NGMPP E1197/6) goes back to 1773/74 (NS 894).
catalogued, NGMPP X1648/1 and E1740/13 are both dated 1909/10 (NS 1030).
and, of course, Jatakajya (NGMPP No E 2051/16, NS 802) colophons mention
palmleaf; 32.5 x 4.5cm; 26 folios; Undated; NGMPP No.
Other MSS: Poleman 3916 (= Harvard); NGMPP E 1821 20; Sarasvati Bhavan 27519; 27520; 28506.